Friday, November 13, 2015

10 tips for technical interviews

There's lots of advice out there about how to interviews, but after going through about 100 resumes and conducting dozens of interviews over the past 6 months I'd thought I'd share my thoughts.

  1. Make sure you resume prints on one page, include all the positions you've had but "built an ecommerce app in a .NET/SQL stack that supported 100,000 users" is enough.
  2. Do include links to your social profile on your resume: linkedin, github, etc.
  3. Do be knowledgable about the company and if you're not passionate about the business don't bother showing up.
  4. When you're asked about how you work through conflicts don't answer "I've never had a conflict with another co-worker", because then it's obvious you're either lying or delusional.
  5. Do not be afraid to answer any question "I don't know", nothing is worse than listening to someone stumble through a domain that they don't know.
  6. Do ask questions throughout the interview.
  7. Remember the WAIT acronym, "Why Am I Talking", brevity is the key to answering questions effectively.
  8. Be on time, and if you can't, let the company know ASAP, there is grace for people who communicate effectively.
  9. Remember the non-verbal skills: eye contact, dressed appropriately, etc, it's obvious but you'd be surprised.
  10. Lastly, for the hiring managers, hire for passion, train for skills.

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