Monday, October 10, 2011

10 things I love about linux

1. The small memory requirement, VMWare recommends 512MB for ubuntu and 2GB for Windows7.
2. sudo get apt install, if need something run it, stuff installs and boom you're up and running.
3. ruby on rails, like crack for coders, quickly prototype active record apps, especially with the scaffolding stuff.
4. The OS makes you embrace the shell.
5. It's just cooler to say "I'm using Git on Ubuntu" than I'm using "Team Foundation Server"
6. The openness of everything, want to know how something works, here's the source.
7. Connected user community with great support from the irc channels.
8. The file system organization.
9. The cool t-shirts.
10. The feeling of superiority you hold over .net developers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

top 10 hall and oates song of all time

1. Private Eyes
2. I can't go for that (no can do)
3. Kiss is on your lips
4. Maneater

That's it, they only had 4 good songs.

Top 10 radiohead songs of all time

1. Paranoid Android
2. Fake Plastic Trees
3. Reckoner
4. No Surprises
5. Street Spirit\Fade Out
6. Talk Show Host
7. There There
8. Like Spinning Plates
9. Fog
10. Creep

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

mountain climbing

Over the years I've obviously preferred skiing on the mountains over mountain climbing. Way back when I held them in equal view, but with the kids and family responsibilities taking more and more of my time, when faced with a choice I choose skiing. But as the summer months come along I find myself longing for long alpine ridges, sweeping mountain faces, and heinous scree approaches and descents. I have been managing to get out and do just about one good climb per year, like always I prefer the mountains to the crags. Really mountain climbing and rock climbing was a way for me to get off the standard routes and get some more solitude.

Longs remains my favorite mountain to climb, still haven't done the diamond but have done the keyhole, cables route, keiner's, alexander's chimney, stettner's ledges, and keplinger couloir (with ski). The diamond remains the last piece of that puzzle. Some of the other climbs from the past: Wham Ridge (Cab), Lone Eagle North Face (Cab), Ellingwood Ledges (Mike, cab, tenzig), Notchtop Spiral Route (Mike), Spearhead North Ridge (Mike, Gabe), Sharkstooth - Northeast gully (Mike, Gabe).

What can I say, I love climbing in the Park. I'd like to summit all the Peaks in the park that have good routes up them and fortunately most do: Pagoda, Mt. Alice, Otis, Hallet. I'd even like to do the spire routes (petit, saber, etc.) but honestly I just prefer climbing mountains not spires and in the interest of time that's where my focus lies for now.

What a wonderful life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Always a highlight of the year, great skiing on Crestone Peak, great snow climbing with marginal skiing on Humboldt. The camping by South Colony Lakes trailhead was sublime, stellar crew with Jay V, Hetzel, Mike, and Adan all helping to make it one of the best trips ever. The nice warm weather helped too. It's so nice to just chill in the same spot for 3 nights in the mountains, very refreshing. Good food too, we accounted for saugys, brats, cheeseburgers, marinated chicken, marinated flank steak, italian sausage, and breakfast sausage.

A trip report of the skiing and climbing will be coming soon.

Mountains looked like fun,
climbed up to the sun.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plans for the 2011 season

Sitting at work thinking about the upcoming spring season, my favorite time time of the year. My oldest child just lost her first tooth yesterday and I was relieved when the tooth fairy showed up. I was never sure whether or not she really existed, so I was relieved to see her last night.

Some of the upcoming trips of the season that I'm tentatively planning are:
Mid march - Quandary Peak with a 1st timer - done and fun
End of March - Mexico wedding, not skiing but still fun - done and fun with injuries
April - Kit Carson - OB couloir, if they ever get any snow or maybe Sneffles or San Luis.
Early May - Something in the Indian Peaks or RMNP, maybe Apache, Notchtop, or Dragon Tail.
Memorial Day - Train trip to the Chicago Peaks, or something down in the Sangres if they get good snow, or maybe a tour up to the Holy Cross.

So many great lines out there, so little time.