Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 mountain goals

Need to figure out what do in 2017, ski a few more 14ers, at 48 currently, it would be cool to get to 50 this year.  Here's the 10 left:
  • pyramid
  • capitol
  • n. eolus
  • eolus
  • sunlight
  • windom
  • culebra
  • wilson peak
  • el diente
  • crestone needle
The list is getting thin, lot of them far away, and really difficult.  It'd be cool if I could do 2 or 3 this year, maybe back to telluride to try for el diente and wilson peak, maybe even do mt. wilson for a pure summit ski.  If the snow totals are epic it might be a good year to try Pyramid or Capitol too, as the more snow on those peaks the easier they'll be.  It's exciting times for sure though.  

In addition to the 14ers, last year I got to ski 2 new peaks, Citadel, and Peak 1.  It was cool skiing some of the peaks closer to home, in the ski what you see mentality.  Some of the other local peaks that are on the to do list:
  • Tenmile peak
  • Apache
  • Navajo
  • Shoshoni
  • Hagar
  • Flora
  • Red Peak
Come summer time, it'd be really cool to get the kids into rock climbing outdoors, maybe figure out a way to incorporate that into a summer camping trip.  I know the kids would love that.  Some other hiking with the family and maybe a family backpacking trip too, if that is at all possible, maybe just me and Grady.

Either way, lots to do, several lifetimes of adventures in the Colorado rockies and I couldn't be happier to live here and have a family that not only supports me in my endeavors but also likes joining right in!