Friday, January 29, 2010

What's left to do?

After breaking down the 58 14ers into easy, medium, and hard groupings, I figured there's about 14 beginner 14ers to ski, 22 intermediate, 20 difficult,and 2 most difficult.

According to my list I've complete 14/14 of the beginner 14ers.

I've done 22/22 of the intermediate ones

True to form I've only done 13 of the 20 difficult ones, left to do are Crestone Needle, El Diente, Windom, North and South Eolus, Sunlight, and Wilson Peak. This is what keeps me up at night.

In the most difficult category, I'm 0/2, with Pyramid and Capitol in a league of their own. It would be nice to ski all the 14ers but these peaks might just be too risky for me at this point in my life.

I like things organized into compartments, with 48 completed and 10 remaining, doing the 58 list. I hope to do 3-4 every year, so with 12 total left to do I hope to be done in about 4 years, by the time I turn 45. No rush, the mountains aren't going anywhere and the equipment keeps getting better.

Broken down by Range:
Front Range - done
Mosquito\Tenmile - done
Sawatch -done
Elks - pyramid, capitol
Sangres - The needle
San Juan -  sunlight, windom, euolos,  n.eolous, wilson peak,  el diente.

A high camp at south colony lakes and skiing the needle would be a great trip, so much exploring left to do in the Sangres and looking forward to it as I love the remote feel of that range.

Down in the San Juans you have to do the Chicago Peaks trip, hopefully one memorial day weekend we'll tackle that one. The Wilsons are a long way for home and pretty difficult, so I would imagine that they along with Capitol and Pyramid will be the last ones I get to.