Monday, June 15, 2009

Pikes Peak Ski

With spring ending and baby number 3 on the way I took the final trip of the 2008-2009 ski year and it was as good as it gets. TR here. Pikes Peak TGR TR

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ski Most of the 14ers

The following is a list of my "Ski Most of the 14ers" project. It all started on July 4th, 1998, with a ski descent of Torreys Peak with a pair of skis found in a dumpster outide my apartment. Since then I've tried to ski a few peaks a year, mainly on our annual Memorial Day trip. The latest trip was a debacle of epic proportions up to Lake Como, resulting in several days of pushing the route higher and higher up Blanca but ultimately succumbing to the beast. Next time we'll need to get a Navajo blessing.

A huge thanks to my many partners throughout these trips, Gabe Fielding, Steve Hetzel, Marcel Godbout, Chris Cavallaro, but it is my brother Mike that gets the most props for accompanying me on most of these journies. Never complaining, never wavering, the ultimate partner.

Date  PeakRouteTrip ReportPartnersSummit Ski
7/1998Torreysdead dog NoneMikeyes
6/1999Grayseast slopesNo TR or summit ski, done right laterMikeno
5/2000S.Marooneast chutesNo TR or summit ski, done right laterMike Cab Perryno
4/2001QuandaryCristoCristo TRCabyes
5/2001ChallengerKirk CouloirChallenger TRMike\Gabeyes
6/2001La Platanorth faceLa Plata TRSoloyes
5/2002Massiveeast faceNoneGabe yes
3/2002Elbertelbert trailElbert TRMike\Gabeyes
11/2002BierdstatWest SlopesNoneNoneyes
3/2003QuandaryEast FaceNoneMarcelyes
4/2003LincolnPutnam GulchNoneHetzelyes
5/2003BelfordWest/East facesNoneCab\Mike\Jimyes
5/2003Oxfordwest slopesNoneMikeyes
5/2003MissouriNorth RidgeNoneMikeyes
5/2004WetterhornEast FaceWetterhorn TRMike\Cabyes
5/2004RedCloudNE Ridge ClimbRedcloud TRMike\Cab\Jim\Hetzelyes
5/2004SunshineNW Face Sunshine TRMikeyes
5/2004HandiesAmerican Basin Handies TRMikeyes
4/2005DemocratStandard ridge from Kite LakeNoneSoloyes
5/2005HarvardSouth FaceHarvard TRHetzel\Gabeyes
3/2006BierdstatWest SlopesVideoMikeyes
4/2006ShermanHilltop Bowl from Four Mile CreekNoneSoloyes
5/2006CastleCastle North CouloirCastle TRMikeyes
5/2006ConundrumConundrum Couloir Conundrum TRMikeyes
5/2006SnowmassSnowmass Bowl Snowmass TRMikeyes
1/2007EvansNortheast faceEvans TRMikeyes
4/2007BrossMoose Creek GulchNoneMikeyes
5/2007ColumbiaThree Elk CreekNoneMike\Hetzelyes
5/2007HuronEast FaceNoneMikeyes
5/2007MissouriNorth FaceNoneMikeyes
4/2008GraysStevens GulchGrays TRMikeyes
4/2008LongsKeplingers CouloirLongs TRMikeyes
5/2008Mount YaleAvalanche GulchYale TRMike\Jayyes
5/2008Mount Princetoneast slopes Princeton TRMike\Hetzelyes
1/2009Uncompahgre PeakSouth RidgeUncompahgre TRMikeyes
3/2009Mount AnteroBaldwin GulchAntero TRMike\Gabeyes
6/2009Pikes PeakRailroad CouloirPikes TRSoloyes
3/2010Shavano and TabeguacheAngel to North RidgeShav and Tab TRMikeyes
5/2010HumboldtSouth SlopesHumboldt TRSoloyes
5/2010MaroonBell CordMaroon TRMikeyes
5/2011LindseyNorth GullyLindsey TRSoloyes
5/2011Crestone PeakSouth FaceCrestone TRMikejust below the step off the summit
3/2012San Luis PeakYawner GullySan Luis TRMikeyes
4/2012Holy CrossCross CouloirHoly Cross TR Mikeyes
5/2013Kit CarsonOB CouloirKit Carson TRBill, Otinayes
5/2013North MaroonNorth FaceNorth Maroon TRMikeyes
5/2014Mount SnefflesBirthday ChutesSneffles TRMikeyes
3/2015Mount CameronEast SlopesCameron TRSoloyes
5/2015Blanca PeakNW FaceBlanca TRMikeyes
5/2015Little Bear PeakHourglassLittle Bear TRMikeyes
4/2016Ellingwood PointSouth FaceEllingwood TRMikeyes
5/2016Mount WilsonEast FaceMount Wilson TRMikefrom saddle 100 feet below summit
5/2016CulebraWest RidgeTR14ers groupyes

Total 14ers skied -- 49
By category, this is a rough outline of the relative difficulty of the combined climb and ski descent of the peak.

Quandary, Elbert, Bierdstat, Lincoln, Oxford, Redcloud, Democrat, Sherman, Bross, Princeton, Antero, Humboldt

Torreys, Challenger, Massive, Handies, Belford,Huron, Missouri, Sunshine, Harvard, Castle, Conundrum,Evans, Columbia, Huron, Grays, Yale, Uncompahgre, Shavano, Tabeguache, Lindsey, San Luis, Blanca, Ellingwood, Culebra

Longs, Wetterhorn, Snowmass, Maroon, La Plata, Holy Cross, Crestone Peak, Kit Carson, North Maroon, Sneffles, Little Bear, Mount Wilson