Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring ski season is upon us

The warming weather and lengthening days can mean only one thing, spring season is now upon us.  When this time of year descends upon us many reach for their clubs or bikes, not me, I reach for my Salomon Pocket Rockets with my Fritschi Freerides, slap on my G3 skis and head for the Colorado high country.

Over the past 15 years I've been out and about summiting the high peaks and skiing down during the prime ski mountaineering months of April and May.  I've been tracking the list of 14ers, here and on  I've ventured in and around the Indian Peaks and Fall River range as well, skiing many of those high peaks as well.

There is simply no better way to enjoy the mountains of Colorado, nothing beats a long snow climb to an airy summit, clicking in and holding on for dear life as you descend 4000 vertical feet of every imaginable snow condition.  Back to the camp in the afternoon, you can kick back, enjoy a beer and relish in the satisfaction of a thrilling climb and descent.

Going from the list of 58 14ers, I have 15 left to do, whether or not I finish them all doesn't matter all that much (although it'd be nice).  What does matter is getting out, climbing and skiing on velvet corn and enjoying the warm weather with great friends immersed in the incompressible beauty of the Colorado Rockies.

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