Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plans for the 2012 ski season

  • Getting the usual 4 packs to loveland, hoping to ski there a bit with the family and get Phoebe learning to ski finally, she's got all the tools just needs to commit to it.
  • Continuing on the 14ers ski descent figuring on where the snow goes, still a bunch of peaks left in the grahs, the juans, and the elks.  As for some trips, would love to do the Blanca\Ellingwood\Little Bear trio for memorial day, an overnighter down to sneffles is also high on the list, as would be Kit Carson from willow lake.   Down further in the san juans, the chicago basin trio is always on my mind, can't wait.
  • It would be nice to get out for some longer winter tours, exploring some different areas, even if not getting any real turns in, just skinning up and around in RMNP and IPW.
  • Also would be nice to get some more berthoud days in this year, but we'll see, with the kids and all it's registering about 10 days on the snow with the family, and 10 days without, and it's all good!

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