Thursday, March 10, 2011

Plans for the 2011 season

Sitting at work thinking about the upcoming spring season, my favorite time time of the year. My oldest child just lost her first tooth yesterday and I was relieved when the tooth fairy showed up. I was never sure whether or not she really existed, so I was relieved to see her last night.

Some of the upcoming trips of the season that I'm tentatively planning are:
Mid march - Quandary Peak with a 1st timer - done and fun
End of March - Mexico wedding, not skiing but still fun - done and fun with injuries
April - Kit Carson - OB couloir, if they ever get any snow or maybe Sneffles or San Luis.
Early May - Something in the Indian Peaks or RMNP, maybe Apache, Notchtop, or Dragon Tail.
Memorial Day - Train trip to the Chicago Peaks, or something down in the Sangres if they get good snow, or maybe a tour up to the Holy Cross.

So many great lines out there, so little time.

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