Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Game 4

Big game tonight for the red sox, but still not a must win. Really I think the best thing for the sox was to lose last nights game and see that these rays are for real. I think people are going to look back on the series, and at game 3 and say that was the series momentum changer. The sox said the waker to the mound, he's been our most reliable pitcher over the past 2 decades. I wonder if the sox can install a huge fan behind home plate that blows towards the mound to give the knucklah a little more action. The Rays team will be woefully over matched by the wiley veteran and win in convincing fashion, 7-2.

On a side note Evan Longoria is now the most hated player in the majors, so smug, and smugness is not a good quality.

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